We've been owned by the bulldogs for over 25 yrs!

We, at Pepper's Big Bullies, raise quality french bulldog puppies and have been owned by the bulldog for 27+ yrs. We have ton's of reference and are in driving distance to many states, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia .. I could go on but you get the idea. We breed french bulldog puppies for quality standards and we have a very selective in our breeding practice. We offer frenchies for sale to homes so that our babies will be a part of your family and loved unconditionally. We are located in the southeastern part of Kentucky and shipping is available if needed by our Flight Nanny, they're never out of sight from my hands to yours.  We have silent litter's of puppies annually that are either spoken for or kept to enhance our personal stock.  Please feel free to call and ask me any questions at all about adoption a french bulldog from Pepper's Big Bullies. Our parents are double registered in both AKC and CKC


We have over 27 years of references!!

French Bulldogs are one of THE most humorous canines you'll ever find. They're always seeming to have that 'WOW' expression that has given the breed the name of 'Little Clowns'. Frenchies are excellent house pets. Their great with children (are your kids good with frenchies?) They are good with other pets just so they are getting the love and attention that they 'demand'!! They are, by far, the most perfect companion to all of us who desire to be loved unconditionally. Believe me, no matter what mood you're in, you just can't resist a Frenchie.

We are a small kennel in South Eastern Kentucky. We've been owned by the bulldog for 25+ yrs. We love the french bulldog and we strive to raise healthy quality french bulldogs for you and your family to love and adore. Once you have a frenchie you'll find that it's hard to do without one. Their personality is an addiction!! Kinda like Doritos!

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