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A little FROGDOG Info!

French Bulldogs are one of the most humorous pets you will find.  They always seem to have a great expression that says, “WOW!”  This expression has given this breed the title, “Little Clown.”  French Bulldogs are excellent house pets and they're very good with children of all ages and other breeds of dogs. (watch the little ones though, Frenchies don't really like having their ear's pulled or their eyes explored) They will be a perfect addition to any home.  French bulldogs love to be the 'HAM' of attention. They love to be noticed and they don't have a difficult time doing that!! We have ton's of references and a lot of our babies live in New York and California and have been on commercials, TV shows, Magazine cover's and more. Here are but a few examples of what a french bulldogs likes to do.. what ever they want to do!! They are a very comical breed! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frenchies LOVE to bask in the rays of the sun... just about anywhere they can find a ray! . . . . . . . . . . They are comical and playful but lazy is a little better description. They NEVER meet a stranger so to you single people.... B O N U S! . . . . . . . . . . . .

Frenchies aren't normally good swimmers, being head heavy they tend to tilt downward and can drown. Swimmies and constant supervision is a MUST as they do love to soak. In ground swimming pools need to be supervised at all times when they are near it. They are well known for diving in to get the floating noodles and beach balls... this is NOT good! . . . . . . . . .

Hide and seek is a fun game for them

 Frenchies love to sun anywhere there's a ray.... even if it's in the cats litter box!



youtu.be/Dj1jE2q3viM  Bedtime at Pepper's... enter quietly, babies sleeping.

youtu.be/lmO7jAza5xY  Reunion after a long 2 weeks apart for weaning. These two have never been apart again. They won't eat if they are separated. This is love!

youtu.be/IIsnhqJY410  This is a clip from one of the character's here at Pepper's! This is Raylan G. Justified

youtu.be/alOoWvodSus  Just like all kids they want to do what their parents are doing but haven't got the hang of it yet.. but they all think that they are all grown up!

Welcome to Pepper's World!



French Bulldogs are just as loving to 'we humans', as seen here! They are, by far, the most perfect companion to all of us who desire being loved unconditionally!! (And we all want that don't we?) If they can't love you no matter what or make you laugh when you don't feel like it... then it can't be done! And believe me.. French Bulldogs can do whatever they want to. After all, they are French Bulldogs! There is nothing like a Frenchie!! To know them is to love them. A frenchie can quickly be your very best friend!

What can I say?....... PHOTO HAM'S! Always wanting to be IN "THE KNOW!"

French Bulldogs never meet a stranger, they always like to be THE center of attention and most will demand it in one way or another.


French Bulldogs are little 'hams' that love to be the center of everyone's attention. They love to go to the park or just around the block. Anywhere actually, just so they can be seen and are able to strut their stuff! They have great pride in their appearance and they should, after all, they are French Bulldogs! If you ever feel you have no time or you are too tired for your loving companion just hang it up.......they will get what they want! They will steal many kisses and warm many toes for you. They love to be close to the ones they love. Don't you?


Say Cheese!

This little fella was on Samsung's commercial. Yes, he's on a zebra skin and a baby grand piano for this shot!


This little pied male French Bulldog Puppy has made the big screen! He starred in Samsung's commercial and also being cast for other movie / commercial roles.

French Bulldogs have such a wonderful display of pride that is obviously seen and NEVER overlooked! They are such great little watch dogs as well. They would like for everyone to think they are little big bullies, but they are not. They are just 'wanta be's'!


I Dare you to Flinch!


This is the other thing Frenchies like to do when they are not showing off their pride and alert intelligence. They like to take quiet naps in the sun. They feel that they need to be well rested so that they can always display their best. After all, we all want to look our best. She does this all the time!

French Bulldogs love being the center of attention, anyway they can!! This should prove that!


All the French Bulldogs from "Pepper’s Big Bullies" receive the very best of home care. They are bred for the finest quality, not quantity. Their appearance is boxy and low to the ground.

Frenchies can't swim, due to their large heads are like a brick.. but they like to soak up the rays all the same.

View my line of fine French Bulldogs and French Bulldog puppies, and then YOU be the judge.

If you call and we don't pick up... try again... cause we may be a little busy

We are breeders that have hand delivered and are willing to ship to all of the United States below:

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